Sustainable and strong

Sustainable and strong

We all have a favourite toy from our childhood. Mum or Dad (probably Mum) have saved it for 'the grandkids' and you enjoy reminscing over it during visits to their home. However, more and more, toys are barely lasting their warranty period, never mind a generation or more!

At Pint Size Planet, we have chosen to use the best materials available. Not MDF, not cheap fir plywood, but basswood plywood. It looks and feels stonger, and it is.

No only does it feel great in your toddlers hand, it is FSC Certified, meaning that it is sourced from sustainable forrests and we can track where it came from.

Our puzzles are designed to last for your children and theirs too (when used as they are suppose to).

Note: just to be clear, we aren't offering a 40 year warranty on our products, we're just saying that they are made to last a long time when you use them as they are intended.