Memory Jar

Jars of Memories

Jars of memories for kids toys

On the occasional Sunday afternoon in my home as I was growing up, from the corner of the bench would come the bunny jar. The top of the jar was a bunny’s face. The ears had been broken off and glued back on several times, but it was a precious jar to our family, not because of how it looked, but what was inside.

As we had grown up and our language developed my Mum usually took the time to write down the funny things we would say as we learnt to express ourselves through language. Usually it was on a scrap piece of paper- whatever was nearby and then it was scrunched up and put into the bunny jar. On those Sunday afternoons each piece of paper would be unscrunched and read out loud amongst roars of laughter and those expressions were woven into our unique family language.

Fast forward through the circle of life a few years and I now have my own memory jar for our family. It began as a large mayonnaise jar which was replaced a few years ago by something larger to accommodate all of the gems which have been spoken in our home. Each piece of paper is a snapshot of 5 seconds in a busy day with a classic one-liner. These have become part of our family banter and help to bring laughter into our home.

Any jar is a good jar for a memory jar but if you want to make something a bit nicer we have some labels which you can cut out and stick to the top of a lid using something like Mod-Podge or even some PVA Glue. Here's the LINK for the pdf.